Download the module in its entirety here: Feudalism, Middle School

Module Overview

Inquiry Question: What was life like for a medieval serf and how do you know?

Module Texts
Text A- The Feudal System
Text B- The Peasant and Serf Life
Text C- Life in the Village
Text D- Feudal Peasants
Text E- The Feudal Church

Module Objectives

  • Introduce claims, evidence and reasoning to middle schoolers and how to create claims, consider evidence, use evidence to support claims and explain reasoning.
  • Build knowledge about feudalism as context for understanding the Enlightenment. (This advances the content goals for the course.)
  • Lay the groundwork for students to be able to develop historical empathy—for students to develop an understanding of life from a medieval point of view.

Downloadable Materials
Feudalism Module Text Set
Feudalism Student Handouts
Feudalism Student Interactive Notebook
Feudalism Teacher Notes
Teacher Modeling Think-Aloud Video