Ancient Egypt Module: Deepening Close Reading From a Historical Lens

Download the module in its entirety here: Ancient Egypt, Middle School

Essential Questions:
Why did people settle in ancient Egypt and why did life flourish there?
What was life like for ordinary people in ancient Egypt?

Source A: Map of ancient Egypt, Kush, and Israel – with overlays of the flood plains and largest cities
Source B: Environmental Factors and Human Settlement in Egypt and Kush (Excerpt from the textbook History Alive! The ancient World)
Source C: The Gift of the Nile (Excerpt from the textbook The World: Volume 1)
Source D: Egypt’s Economy (Excerpt from the textbook The World: Volume 1, p. 47)
Source E: Life in Ancient Egypt (textbook excerpt)
Source F: Hymn to the Nile (primary source from 2100 BCE excerpted from textbook Volume I: The Ancient World, 1907)
Source G: Advice to the Young Egyptian–Be A Scribe (from Worlds of History: A Comparative Reader: Volume One, by Kevin Reilly, pages 62-65)
Source H: The Life of Meresamun–A Temple Singer in Ancient Egypt
Source I: Artifact collection and accompanying extended captions on Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum website
Source J: Language Offers Rare Insight into Ancient Egyptians, article from The Chicago Tribune about a historian of ancient Egypt (published October, 2013)